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The Ondamed is an FDA registered device. It is an electro-magnetic impulse frequency instrument that allows a practitioner to detect weakness or disorder in an individual's body instantly through the pulse biofeedback method. This process is gental and non-invasive. We can determine which frequencies a body requires at each session and simultaneosly apply them. This apparatus rapidly scans the body for blockages or interference fields and delivers those frequencies, thereby supplying what each individual requires to move toward homeostasis. The frequencies of the Ondamed biofeedback system break through disordered cellular communication in a stream of intermittent impulses. There is so much to the Ondamed. Dr. Kaufmann has used it for many years and was the first practitioner to purchase the Ondamed in North America. He trained with Rolf Binder, the developer, and his wife, Silvia. Visit their site to learn more.

Chinese Herbs

We use Chinese Herbs. After 4 years of formal Traditional Chinese Medicine School and 20 years in practice and knowledge, Dr.Chris Kaufmann usually incorporates herbs.

This is essential to today's enviromental issues. "Like cures like" is the motto. If you have been poisoned with Malathion, for example, then a homeopathic of Malathion will be used. A digital frequency with a potency 30c or 100x will be assigned. This helps to detox the patient of Malathion. This is a part of the alternative medicine that is absolutly necessary in today's toxic world. Then we have constitutional homeopathy which fits the patient's needs and treats the core issues. Today, if you live on planet earth, then it is a must to be tested and treated for the enviromental toxins. Homeopathic/enviromental medicine is the core issue with most all chronic illness today.
Parasitology/Digestive/Viral/Bacterial                              The expansion of international air travel has enhanced exponentially the hazard of spreading pathogens through human-human contact. Also, local epidemics such as Lyme, Hanta Virus, virulent strains of influenza, parasites, and much more plague the world and our immune systems. We want to take the quick pill and get on with our busy lives and never really address the causes, lifestyle choices, or daily stresses. Dr. ChrisKaufmann works with the patient to help address and identify their issues. He then creates a treatment plan to help change the biological terrain, reduce the toxic load, address dietary issues, and so on. The immune system can be an amazing thing.


The Synchronicity Wave System                                          An amazing color, information matrix , the Synchronicity Wave System helps a lot of folks with brain communication issues involving circulation, pain, focus, and thought. Originally created by Robert J. Religa for meditative purposes, this technology seems to calm the mind and synchronize the right and left brain hemispheres. With all the chaos of electromagnetic frequencies, microwaves, and who knows what else, this technology should be in every home and office. Go to for more information and hear powerful testimonies.
                                                                                                       E.A.V. (Electro Acupunture according to Voll)                 
E.A.V. helps Dr.Chris Kaufmann measure the electrial potential on the acupuncture meridians thus guiding him to the areas of stress. He is not sure how physcians of any practice are not utilizing this technique in one form or another. Dr. Kaufmann feels like a health sleuth with his practice of 20 years. E.A.V. uses no insertion of needles just a measurement at the acupuncture site.
Dr.Chris Kaufmann also performs a bio-feedback interview with the patient using a tool called ZYTO. The ZYTO interfaces the patient with a hand cradle and has some of the same information in its digital library as the old school E.A.V. ZYTO came from E.A.V., however, Dr.Chris Kaufmann can interface with patients long distance with what is called the VIRTUAL CLINIC ZYTO application. It is a marvelous tool of technology. Dr. Kaufmann moved from Florida in 2007 due to the enviromental toxins. With the virtual clinic, he can keep his patients worldwide balanced and tuned. Dr.Chris Kaufmann loves the work of ZYTO and their passion for the field of energy medicine and for the health of humanity. He firmly believes a background of E.A.V. is helpful when one practices with ZYTO technology.                                         



"I was blind, but now I see!"  I was faced with the prospect of invasive eye surgery which gave me a 15% chance that I would regain my sight.  After seeing a specialist who shot steroids into my retina, the world was growing darker every day.  I prayed daily for a miracle and God brought me to Dr. Chris Kaufmann.  Dr. Kaufmann was able to quickly surmise my problem and created a simple homeopathic that stopped the bleeding in my left eye. My right eye had the same problem and because of Ondamed treatments, I now have improved vision in that eye! 

Liz, Paonia, CO

I was suffering from constant Irritable Bowel Syndrome with sharp lower abdominal pain for close to a year.  Doctors at the ER diagnosed possible IBS but did not run any test to confirm.  Finally, I saw Dr. Chris Kaufmann who diagnosed me with parasites.  My pain completely disappeared after one treatment with his sound frequency device.  I am so grateful for his talents as a physician.  The four corners is lucky to have him.

Wanda, Durango, CO

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